About us

About us

Our history

A player in the veterinary market for 30 years, MP Labo is today a key brand in France. This experience has shaped our uniqueness, our values ​​and our unique products within our group, which is now present in Europe. Naturalness drived us for these 3 decades and is an integral part of our personality.

A legitimate approach

We mobilize all our energy and our know-how to constantly create new products. Taking into consideration the aspirations of our customers, we favor more than ever the harmony between efficiency, respect for animals and respect for nature to preserve the fragile balances of our environment

Our values

We share these 3 values:

  • Pets are at the center of our concerns, they are our reason for being,
  • We aspire to a harmonious development which respects people and nature,
  • Innovation is at the heart of our DNA to respond in an adapted and relevant way to animals’ needs.

These values ​​guide us, they permeate our state of mind and our actions. These are the differentiating elements that contribute to the corporate culture and promote team cohesion by giving meaning to the action of all our employees.

Our commitments

For 30 years MP Labo has been mindful about the way its products are manufactured and questions its environmental impact.
The need to go one step further than simple awareness required action.
The social and environmental impact of our business is of great concern to us: that’s why we are committed. We have the satisfaction of better preparing our common future by contributing, at our scale, to greater corporate responsibility and to the recognition of our conscientious customers who appreciate serious and concrete environmental commitments.


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