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30 October 2021

As you probably already know, cats sleep a lot, especially between their meals. Sleep constitutes up to 16 hours of their day, even 20 hours for the oldest! But when your cat seems lethargic and has difficulty getting up from his basket, jumping on furniture – for food or play – or no longer accepts petting, he may be unwell. You need to worry about it as soon as possible in order to help him regain good health. Cats are very good at hiding their pain, so you have to remain vigilant, especially in case of behavioural changes. Less play and grooming, more aggressiveness in the event of physical contact are tell-tale signs of a cat in distress.

Identify the causes to understand and relieve my cat

Spaying cats can lead to overweight or even obesity. It is probable that, as in dogs, this overweight promotes a deterioration of the joints, called osteoarthritis. It is accompanied by joint inflammation, often associated with loss of muscle mass. This generates joint pain leading to problems with flexibility, stiffness, and a gradual decrease in your cat’s mobility.

Specific needs for a healthy cat

Once the causes of your cat’s pain have been identified, several solutions are available to you. In case of overweight, there are foods specially designed to help your cat get back to his ideal healthy weight. These foods make it possible to cover its nutritional intake and help it regain its balance without risking deficiencies. If this diet does not take into account mobility disorders, and as a support to any medical treatment prescribed by your veterinarian, you can give him food supplements. These supplements, whether chondroprotectors, essential fatty acids or plant extracts, should be specifically formulated for cats. With great care, consistency and patience, you should soon find a cat in better health.


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