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Taking care of my cat’s eyes

26 October 2021

Even though it has effective cleaning and defense systems, the eye is a fragile organ. It is therefore essential to maintain your cat’s eyes regularly!

Wondering about the eye of your favorite feline? Here is some information on the structure of your cat’s eyes.

Depending on the season and the environment, your cat’s eyes will become sensitive. It is then necessary to clean them regularly in order to eliminate impurities. Find out how often and which products to use to clean your cat’s eyes.

Why should you clean your cat’s eyes?

Your cat’s eye is endowed with natural protection, due to its three eyelids, its tear glands, which protects it from dust or other foreign bodies. This action is not necessarily infallible. In order to avoid any risk of complications, which will take your companion directly to the veterinarian, you must take care and regularly monitor your cat’s behavior and type of tears.

Caring for your cat’s eyes

It is important to take care of your cat’s eyes, but it is essential to do it correctly with suitable eye cleansers. Cleaning is done about once or twice a week, or even more in some individuals. Compresses or cotton discs are recommended. Other accessories could have harmful particles, which come off during the treatment.
To wipe the outside of the eye, soak the compress with physiological saline, eye solution or even antiseptic lotion prescribed by your veterinarian. This loosens and cleans the hair around the eyes and helps soothe. inside the eye, use eye drops intended for this purpose, if possible recommended by your veterinarian.

Eye symptoms that require the advice of a veterinarian

If your cat seems to be the victim of itching, irritation, redness, discomfort or pain, if you notice the presence of sores, if you see hairs stuck to the eye area, abnormal discharge, secretions taking a yellow or green, contact your veterinarian as soon as possible. He can supplement the care you provide to your cat, with other medications, in order to eliminate any infection that he may experience or advise you on a product suitable for the healing of the eyelids and soothe the irritation.


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