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Brushing and Bathing your Dog

29 October 2021

In order to maintain your pet’s coat and ensure good health, it is important to brush and wash your pet regularly. Brushing helps to remove knots and various debris (grass, leaves, “cleavers”, those small balls that cling to the hair) that can sometimes get stuck in the long hair. Brushing also removes dead hair, allowing the skin to be better ventilated, which facilitates regrowth. After bathing your dog in the tub with a suitable shampoo (sensitive skin, or prescribed by your veterinarian and intended to treat parasites, fungi or some forms of rash), disentangling is essential.

How to brush your dog ?

With the help of a glove, a comb or a suitable brush, you will be able to remove knots in the coats of long-haired dogs, using a detangling spray or a leave-in shampoo. In some cases, the knots are made of hairs so tangled that disentangling will be impossible and you will need to resort to a clipper.

It is not about doing a waxing session on your four-legged animal, but rather about taking care of it by removing the excess hair. Brushing your pet is a kind act that they will appreciate if they get used to it from an early age.

How to bath your dog ?

When washing your pet in a bathtub, it may be a good idea to use a non-slip mat for better stability. It is best to brush the coat beforehand, and then to we the hair thoroughly, so that the water penetrates the coat and skin.

Always choose a suitable shampoo and lukewarm water to avoid burning your pet. Use the shampoo according to the recommendations for use on the bottle, rinse by letting water run over the coat, and avoiding getting water in his ears, especially if he has a tendency to get ear infections. Once out of his bath, dry your dog off and brush him again.


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