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29 October 2021

If your dog does not like taking the car or going to the veterinarian, you’re not alone in this situation: a quarter of dogs are sick in the car! Dogs are social animals and are often confronted by their owner’s lifestyle to situations that can induce stress, fear, or even phobias.


Scary situations

Dogs are often faced with the same daily life as their owners. Stressful situations can have serious consequences, especially for animals prone to anxiety. These conditions need to be managed, and food supplements can promote well-being and adaptation to everyday life stressors.

Fear and stress in dogs can be caused by unusual situations and in particular noises, such as:

  • building works
  • fireworks
  • thunderstorms
  • everyday noises.

Trips and visits to the veterinarian are also a source of stress for your pet, as are major changes to their routine, or the arrival of a new person or animal in their environment.


Identify the signs of stress

Stress is an emotional response related to the activity of the nervous system in a specific situation, so it is a natural behavior. To manage your dog’s stress, you need to identify the signs. Unusual nervousness, tremors, profuse salivation, rapid breathing (panting), emptying of the anal glands, whining, or barking may be observed. The animal may lick its extremities or nose excessively, or drink abundantly. They may change their body language with floppy ears, a tucked tail and they may lie curled up, while looking for a solution to escape. They may pace back and forth or simply lift a paw. Sometimes stress or fear just shows up as yawning, for no reason. You have to be vigilant since behavior that ultimately seems normal can indicate anxiety in your dog.

Managing stress in dogs

Being afraid, feeling stressed, or having a state of anxiety can have negative consequences for the well-being and behavior of your companion. It is therefore important to take care of it as soon as possible. To relieve your dog’s stress, it may be necessary to call your veterinarian to implement a suitable solution. It is recommended, for example, to gradually accustom the animal to these stressful situations. Exercise is also a way for your dog to release his emotions in a favorable environment. In any case, if this persists or has a significant impact on your dog’s quality of life, talk to your veterinarian.

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