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29 October 2021

Sometimes, your dog can have a strong… or even a bad smell! We outline the different possible causes of this smell. In certain cases, this can be due to a disease. It will in that case be recommenced to seek assistance from your veterinarian.

What is the origin of a bad smell?

First of all, some dog breeds can naturally give off a strong odor, without this being a health problem. In wet weather, and especially if your companion gets wet after a rainy outing or swimming, he may start to smell bad. During a walk, your companion may have rolled in some foul-smelling material that will need to be got rid of! Beyond that, all dog breeds can experience skin problems and in some cases your pet may start to smell bad. These odors are more noticeable at certain times: in damp conditions or in confined spaces such as your car, for example. Some parasites can also cause unpleasant odors. The origin can come from his ears, especially if your pet has ear infections, but also from his mouth if he has tartar, which often causes bad breath. Finally, other sources of odor nuisance can come from his hindquarters: on both sides of the anus, dogs have anal glands which secrete very odorous substances. It is still possible that the origin is digestive and that your partner has gas or even diarrhea. Finally, in some cases it is the urine that gives off a strong odor.

What solutions against bad odors?

Depending on the origin of the bad smell, you will find a product to mask the smell or fight against the cause itself. In any case, our products allow you to take care of your animals: you can always use an odor eliminator to spray in the environment, a moisturizing shampoo, a leave-in shampoo in the form of foam, or even an organic shampoo. If the origin seems suspicious or unusual to you, it is best to seek advice from your veterinarian to determine and treat the origin of this inconvenience and you can supplement the medical treatment with suitable solutions to give your dog a pleasant scent with the ideal product.


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