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Taking care of my dog’s ears

28 October 2021

Since the conformation of a dog’s ear canal is completely different from that of a human, your companion’s ears should be cleaned on a regular basis. But you still have to know how to do it properly so as not to cause irritation or even infections. Discover through this article all the good tips for successful cleaning.

Why take care of your companion’s ears seriously?

Shaped like an “L”, a dog’s ear canal descends vertically before turning a right angle. It then goes to the center of the skull and ends up in the eardrum. The impurities cannot therefore easily go up along the duct to be evacuated. A plug of earwax can form at the back of the ear. limiting ventilation and promoting informational. In dogs with drooping ears, the pinna of the outer ear forms a flap, which leads to the same situation. This can cause otitis (infection and / or inflammation of the ear). This condition is treated by veterinarians as part of a dermatology consultation. It is important to use products suitable for the ears.

Some good tips to take into account

To facilitate the maintenance of your dog’s ears, it is important to get him used to handling of the ears from an early age. It is also recommended to use a suitable product that can dissolve excess earwax without harming the ear. A spray for our ears is not suitable for dogs.

Floppy ears can be cleaned once a week on average in summer and once every 2 weeks in winter.

For erect ears, they can be cleaned once a month in winter and every 2 weeks in summer.

The frequency of cleaning should be adapted according to the veterinarian’s recommendations.


  • Choose a tissue or a compress rather than a cotton swab. This is because pieces may fall off and get stuck in the external auditory canal.
  • Do not use a cotton swab, as it only pushes wax and dirt past the bend, causing a plug.

How to clean the ears of your companion ?

  • Insert the tip of the cleaner bottle into the tube and inject enough product.
  • Between thumb and forefinger, massage the ear for 5 to 10 seconds to distribute the product.
  • You can let your dog shake his head.
  • Now wrap your finger with a tissue or a compress and push it very gently into the canal to collect the earwax and dirt and clean the pinna.

If necessary, repeat this procedure on both ears, until there is no more dirt coming up.

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