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Taking care of my dog’s eyes

28 October 2021

Despite being equipped with efficient cleaning and defense mechanisms, the eye is a fragile organ. It is therefore essential to regularly take care of your dog’s eyes!

The eyes of our four-legged companions are fragile and it is important to take care of them. The functioning of the eyelids and tears largely naturally cleans the eyes, bringing dirt and foreign objects to the corner of the eye for better to eliminate them, and thus avoid any irritation. However, certain breeds or categories of dogs are more sensitive than others to external aggressions and will have to follow strict eye hygiene: this is the case of short-faced breeds which have protruding eyes or long-haired animals which tend to accumulate impurities on the eye area.


When should we take care of the eye hygiene of our pets?

There is no particular frequency to be observed for washing the eyes. However, you can do an eye wash after going out in a particularly dusty area, in the morning after waking up, or as soon as you notice dirt or dry eyes. It is important to use the correct eye cleanser.

Which products to use?

First of all, you must be careful never to use cotton wool, which could fall apart. The compresses are well suited: you can soak the cleansing lotion on the pad, and then wipe the area around the eye, or apply the lotion directly into the eye, which helps remove dust from the cornea. There are also already impregnated discs.

When to see the vet?

Using a good physiological cleanser will help prevent many eye problems. Nevertheless, some signs should alert you and lead you to consult the veterinarian: this is the case of redness, irritation, itching, if you see hairs stuck on the eye area, abnormal discharge, the presence of yellow secretions. or green, or the presence of sores. Also, don’t hesitate to seek advice if your pet is keeping one eye closed or scratching its eyes. Eye drops may be prescribed to you, but always after medical advice.


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