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What exercises will help my pet to lose weight ?

3 January 2022

Is your pet overweight ? You are motivated and you want to make him lose weight, here are some tips to achieve this.


The most important thing when you exercise your dog is not the time you spend on it but the regularity. A 2-hour walk every weekend is not worth a 20-minute walk every day! To get into (or get back into) the habit, start with a 5-minute walk morning, noon and night or a 7-minute walk morning and night. Increase your walking time by 2 minutes each week.

Of course, the limit on the amount of time you walk your dog is up to you, but a total of 30 minutes a day is a minimum to set. Some breeds of dog may require more time, such as Jack Russels and Australian Shepherds: listen to their needs!

By gradually increasing your walking time, your pet should have no problem keeping up with you. The only thing that could prevent him from doing so would be a medical reason such as joint pain, a heart or respiratory problem, etc. In this case, don’t hesitate to talk to your vet and adapt yourself.

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At home

When walking is not possible, other activities are. At home, there are many little games that can get your dog or cat moving.

First of all, you can hide one of your dog’s favourite toys. The first time, it’s important to point out where you’re hiding it so that your pet understands the purpose of the game. Then move a few metres away and ask him to follow you. Then encourage him to find the loot. After a few attempts, your four-legged friend should have understood the principle. If necessary, you can use food, such as kibble, or a low-calorie reward… However, don’t forget that the objective is to make him lose weight!

Mental training is also a very good way to help your dog lose weight. You can have him do basic tricks such as “sit”, “down”, “paw”, “stay”… If you haven’t taught him yet, now is the time! It’s never too late, especially since your pet will certainly be very motivated by his reward, whatever it may be.

There are many fun activities to stimulate your pet on a daily basis, such as throwing a toy to your pet, entertaining your cat with a small laser, … There are also many other tricks you can teach your pet, such as “turn”, “bark”, “play dead”, … The tricks have no limit, they only depend on you and your imagination. Believe it or not, your pet burns calories when he does obedience. Plus, he might actually enjoy it: many dogs love this type of activity. Added benefit: it will strengthen your bond with him.



Rewarding with food is good, but it should be used as a last resort. Use non-food rewards such as toys, petting, a gentle tone of voice, a whistle or even a clicker, the aim being to make the good deed seem like a positive thing.

If you want to use a treat, look for high-protein, low-fat treats.

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