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Hyaluronic acid


Sodium hyaluronate is a glycosaminoglycans (a complex carbohydrate) present in large quantities in connective tissue. It has viscoelastic properties (it retains its shape) and reinforces tissue cohesion. Thanks to its significant hygroscopic properties (it captures water molecules), it helps maintain tissues hydrated. In external use, it also contributes to skin regeneration. Several publications have demonstrated the beneficial effects of sodium hyaluronate on the regeneration of dog skin (1), (2).

(1) Ferrari R, Boracchi P, Romussi S, Ravasio G, Stefanello D. Application of hyaluronic acid in the healing of non-experimental open wounds: A pilot study on 12 wounds in 10 client-owned dogs. Vet World. 2015 Oct;8(10):1247-59.

(2) Necas J, Bartosikova L, Brauner P, Kolar J. Hyaluronic acid. (hyaluronan): a review. Vet Med. 2008;8:397–411.

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