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The story of the relationship between wheat and mankind dates back to prehistory, when it was cultivated wild. It is with the harvesting of wheat that agriculture took off in the Middle East over ten thousand years ago. Wheat proteins have a strong affinity with hair keratin (1), hence the name phytokeratin. They are a source of amino acids and help improve and maintain the coat’s hydration. They also contribute to reinforcing the hair’s structure, by making it suppler, softer, and shinier (2).
Hydrolysed wheat proteins are an interesting alternative to the use of animal keratin.

(1) Wang S, Meng D, Wang S, Zhang Z, Yang R, Zhao W. Modification of wheat gluten for improvement of binding capacity with keratin in hair. R Soc Open Sci. 2018 Feb 7;5(2):171216.

(2) Vazquez Villa A L, Senrra Aragão M R, Pereira dos Santos E, Mazotto A M, Zingali R B, Paraguai de Souza E, Vermelho A B. Feather keratin hydrolysates obtained from microbial keratinases: effect on hair fiber. BMC Biotechnol 2013 ; 13: 15.

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