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Mobility and joint sensitivity

D-glucosamine sulphate is the essential precursor of glycosaminoglycans (GAGs) in the body. In fact, it is the one and only precursor of hyaluronic acid, chondroitins and numerous proteoglycans, whose synthesis it stimulates. More than 90% of it is absorbed through the digestive tract and is concentrated in the joints where it has an anticatabolic effect. It seems to be established that glucosamine sulphate inhibits the expression of a certain number of pro-inflammatory cytokines or molecules known for their catabolic action in cartilage (Cox-2, iNOS, MMP-3, TNFα, IL-6, IL-1).

Harpagophytum has several properties when consumed by humans. Among them is a reduction in joint discomfort.

Meadowsweet is traditionally used in Europe in order to improve joint mobility.

Trace elements are fundamental cofactors in the synthesis of GAGs and contribute to potentiating the action of the other constituents of Cartimax®.

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  • Dispenser

51 blisters containing 20 capsules each* – GTIN code 3664499000025

  • Pillbox

50 capsules- GTIN code 3401176919412

150 capsules – GTIN code 3401178109439

300 capsules- GTIN code 3401179399679

Cartimax® mini

  • Pillbox

50 capsules – GTIN code 3401145827373

* With pouches for easy delivery

Made in France

Recyclable packaging according to sorting instructions in France (may vary locally)

MP Labo is committed to gradually adding sorting instructions to its labels

Cartimax® :

  • D-glucosamine sulphate : 200 mg de D-glucosamine sulfate)
  • Harpagophytum : 150 mg
  • Filipendula ulmaria (meadowsweet) : 50 mg
  • Mineral elements
  • Methylsulfonylmethane

Cartimax® mini :

  • D-glucosamine sulfate : 80 mg
  • Harpagophytum : 60 mg
  • Filipendula ulmaria (meadowsweet) : 20 mg
  • Mineral elements

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