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Ear cleanser

Orexidine® is a cleansing and soothing solution for the ear canal offering a high level of ceruminolytic activity. Calendula has softening, moisturising, calming and regenerative properties. Centella asiatica, thanks to its active constituents, promotes collagen and fibronectin synthesis, improves the resistance of newly formed skin, reduces scar inflammation and limits the formation of hypertrophic keloids.

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125 ml – GTIN code 3401173690048

Made in France


Recyclable packaging according to sorting instructions in France (may vary locally)

MP Labo is committed to gradually adding sorting instructions to its labels

  • Centella asiatica
  • Calendula
  • Propylene glycol

Orexidine® is a gentle cleansing agent (does not sting), and is very well tolerated, which allows regular use, particularly in case of suppurative otitis or inflammation with predominant exudate (in complement to the treatment prescribed by your veterinarian). Orexidine® cleans and dries the ear canal.

Gently instil a few drops into the ear canal then massage lightly, or apply directly on a compress. Once or twice a day prior to treatment, if necessary, and once or twice a week as maintenance treatment.

If you are an individual, you can purchase our products from your vet.

If you are a veterinarian, please use our contact page to find out about our prices and how to order.
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