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Respiratory ambiant modifier  


Respicat ® is an ambient modifier containing essential oil extracts of Myrtle, Maritime Pine, Tea Tree, and Bitter Orange, which can help alleviate respiratory problems in your pets.

It is specifically designed to improve the comfort of animals suffering from upper respiratory tract conditions and helps eliminate nasal secretions with its fluidifying effects.

It can be inhaled whenever your pet has difficulty breathing.

To use Respicat, simply add a few drops to very hot water and let it diffuse throughout the house. The product can also be used through an aerosol device.


Benefits of Respicat for dogs and cats:

  • Essential oil extracts
  • Provides comfort to animals suffering from upper respiratory tract conditions
  • Promotes elimination of nasal secretions with its fluidifying effects
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Dropper bottle
30 ml – GTIN Code 3401198676058

Made in France


Recyclable packaging according to sorting instructions in France (may vary locally)

MP Labo is committed to gradually adding sorting instructions to its labels

  • Myrtle essential oil
  • Pine essential oil
  • Melaleuca essential oil
  • Bitter orange essential oil

  • Use of a bowl :

The “bowl” technique consists in placing the animal in its pet carrier. Place a bowl of hot water (containing a few drops of Respicat®) in front of the carrier and cover both the carrier and the bowl. Make sure the bowl is out of the animal’s reach in order to avoid any injury.

In a bowl of hot water :

Dog : 10 to 40 drops depending on size
Cat : 10 drops
Kitten : 5 drops
Rabbit : 4 to 10 drops
Guinea pig : 4 drops
Chinchilla : 4 drops
Rat : 3 drops
Ferret : 4 drops
  • Use of a nebulizer :
Follow the instruction for use.
All species : 1 to 2 drops.
Use once to twice a day over the course of a week.
Watch over your animal.
Prevent your animal from drinking the product or burning itself with the water.
Wipe the animal to remove product that might have been deposited on its fur.

If you are an individual, you can purchase our products from your vet.

If you are a veterinarian, please use our contact page to find out about our prices and how to order.
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