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How and what should I use to clean my dog’s eyes?

To clean your dog’s eyes properly, do not use cotton wool. Small pieces could detach themselves and stick to your dog’s eyes. It is recommended you use non-sterile compresses or cotton pads. You can humidify these compresses with a specific cleansing product and clean the dirt present around the corner of the eyes or stuck in the hair. This will also help untangle hair stuck together. It can also be useful to use the eye wash spray directly on the eye. This will allow you to wash away all the dust and other residue stuck on the cornea. Do not worry, it is not painful for your dog!

You can find below a video that outlines these two methods.

The best way to clean your dog’s eyes is to get an eye wash from your veterinarian. It is better adapted to your dog’s eyes than physiological serum. This type of eye wash is also useful if the hair around your dog’s eyes is stained as a result of tears.

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