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How can I get my dog used to noises?

If you are considering works and that you are afraid your dog will be scared, you can help it remain calm with a food supplement that decreases the effects of stress and fear? All you need to do is to anticipate the even by a couple of weeks in order for the effects to be at their peak when the event occurs.

Sometimes dogs are afraid or ordinary noises: crowds, children shouting, bin truck or vacuum cleaners. In that case, you should not bring your companion closer to the source of noise as this could reinforce the fear. This technique, called “immersion” is strongly discouraged by specialists.

On the contrary, it is recommended that you progressively train your dog to ignore these daily life noises by recording with a smartphone the noise in question. Measure the number of decibels on the recording. Then make it listen to the recording louder and louder once it is back in a familiar environment in order to reach the same number of decibels as the real noise, or even a handful of decibels above that threshold.

You can make this “habituation” easier by giving your companion a food supplement that limits the effects of stress and help the training process.

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