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How does osteoarthritis evolve over time?

Once osteoarthritis has settled in, there is no way to cure it. Osteoarthritis is referred to as a progressive disease: even if it is possible to slow the deterioration of cartilage, the older your dog gets, the more the disease develops. This disease has peaks and troughs: there will be phases in which your dog will feel more pain.

Be careful, as osteoarthritis is a vicious circle! It is important to maintain daily physical activity. Frequent exercise by playing and stimulating your cat is important. Movement and exercise helps maintain good muscle mass that supports and stabilizes the joint, which in turn limits inflammation and pain. Furthermore, movement lubricates the joint’s surface and fights ankylosis (fusion of the joint).

As you will have understood, it is important to act as soon as possible to prevent the settling in of arthritis.

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