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The lives of our dogs and cats are sometimes fraught with pitfalls! You can support them through some difficult times when you need to help them regain their composure and serenity during hyper-nervousness, and at other times when they need to be stimulated. Here you will find answers in the form of natural calming and stimulating food supplements for dogs and cats, easy to use.

Can our pets experience stress?

Our companions may indeed experience stress, fear or anxiety. Sometimes it will even be necessary in extreme cases to have recourse to a behavioral consultation with a specialist or specialist veterinarian. In many cases, you will be able to help your pet, especially with one-off situations such as travel, moving, or the arrival of a new family member. With Anxivet®, you will help your dog or cat to reduce the reactions linked to the effects of stress and fear. With its special formula, this food supplement in capsules can also be used to promote learning during habituation programs established with your veterinarian.

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